by Miles Seaborn


I Timothy 4:10-16

Intro: Let's review just a little bit the passage of
scripture packed and jammed with practical advice,
not only for Timothy, but for any teacher or any servant
of the church charged with the duty of leadership
in God's fellowship.

ILL. We need to help one another. Adrian
Rogers' story about two men chased by
a bear. They were about to get eaten up
when one stopped and put on his tennis
shoes. The other asked, Why are you putting
on shoes, you can’t outrun that bear. The other
said, no, but if I put on these tennis shoes I
can outrun you!

Let's review what God's word says in 1 Timothy 4:6-9.

First, it tells us how to instruct others. The word
that is used for laying these things before the brethren
is a suggestive word. It's a word which means to under-
gird. It does not mean to issue orders, it means rather
to advise, to point out. It is a gentle, modest word.
It is not necessarily belligerent, laying down of the
law, but rather an act of reminding men of what they
already knew and suggesting to them, not that they
learn from him but they discover the truth from God's
word as to what is right.

Second, it tells us how to face the task of teaching.
Timothy is told that he must feed his life on the words
of faith. For no man can give out without taking in.
he who would teach must himself be continually learning,
so a man must ever feed his own life before he could feed
the mind of others. He must daily know Christ Jesus better
before he could bring Christ to others. He must feed on
doctrine, the how to, and upon faith, the doing.

Third, it tells us what to avoid. Timothy was to avoid
prophetless tales like the ones which old women used
to scare or to chastise children. It is necessary to
remain at the center of faith, not to be lost on side
issues and by-ways.

Fourth, it tells us what to seek. Timothy is told that

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