by Miles Seaborn


"Bear One Another's Burdens"

Galatians 6:1-5

Caring Christians bear one another's burdens. When
we read Galatians 6:l-5 there seems to be a contradiction
between 6:2 and 6:5, but there is not. In Galatians 6:2
the word for burdens refers to a heavy load, a trial,
something that is very difficult to bear. In verse 5,
the word refers to a little load that you carry on
your back. It was a word used for a soldier's pack.

ILL. I have certain burdens that only I can bear.
I cannot pass my responsibilities to others because
I have to fulfill that work myself. I have to
be the husband and father in my home. I have
to do the work God has called me to do. Therefore
I have to bear my own burden. Carry my own pack.

Those people who try to give their responsibilities
to someone else are mising a blessing in disobeying
God. So verse 5 is talking about the responsibilities
of ministry, but verse 2 is talking about the burdens
of life that are heavy to carry, trials that come to
us as believers.

So the admonition is “Bear ye one another’s burdens
and so fulfill the law of the Lord.”

Now this challenge of God's word is in the context of
restoring a brother or a sister who has sinned. If someone
in the church has been overtaken with a fault, he was
tempted and he failed, our responsibility is to help him
bear that burden.

There are many burdens that we can help people carry.
That's one of the beautiful things about the fellowship
of the church. As we fellowship together in the name
of the Lord we can help one another. We can help one
another materially and physically. We can help each other
financially. There are many ways that we as Christians
can bear burdens. The particular way that is emphasized
in Galatians 6 is to help those who have stumbled and
fallen, missing the mark in sin.

Paul gives us three instructions in this paragraph.
First, he explains what ...

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