by Miles Seaborn


"The Bents In Your Baby"
Proverbs 22:6, Psalm 139:1-6, 13-18; Ps. 51:1-5; 58:2-5

Introduction: Mark Twain had a simple philosophy on how to
rear children. "Things are pretty good until they reached
13, then you should stick them in a barrel and feed them
through the knot hole as you nail the lid down to keep them
in! When they turn 16, you should plug up the knot hole."

Rearing children is somewhat like baking a cake. We don't realize
We have a disaster until it's too late! But, if we are committed to
following God's principles it is doubtful that such will occur.

Proverbs 22:6 is not just clever and helpful, it is inspired!

The root of the plan is that parents must know their children. At
the best, rearing children from birth on is not easy.

ILL. Ann Landers asked in her column in the paper,
"If you had it to do over again, knowing what
you know now, would you have children?"

Over 10,000 women answered and 70% said, NO! One said,
"1,000 times no, My children have completely destroyed
my life and my identity as a person. There are no joys;
prayers don't help. Nothing stops a screaming kid!"

Two: "I've lived 70 years and speak as a mother of five.
Was it worth it? No. My early years were difficult. Sickness,
rebellion, lack of motivation, shiftlessness. One was in
and out of mental hospitals, one went "gay lib" route, two
are living in communes. We never hear from them. One has become
a part of the Children of God. Not one child has given us any
pleasure! God knows we did our best, but we were failures as
parents and they are failures as people."

There are failures, but there are also joys and delightful moments.

ILL. One Child Psychologist who wrote: "Rearing
small children is about as easy as nailing
a poached egg to a tree."

Tough, but it will work if we do it God's way' And God will be
glorified. (God will be with us. He doesn't absent Himself when
infan ...

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