by Miles Seaborn

The Ministry of a Mother
Miles Seaborn
Exodus 2:1-10

Introduction: I read this morning a little Chinese proverb that says, "No matter how orderly a woman is by nature, it is a mistake for her always to be putting her husband in his place."

Several years ago the University of Michigan conducted a nation-wide survey, and when asked what they would like to be when they grew up, 80% of the 11-18 year old girls surveyed desired to be just like their mother!

No other force in a child’s life is as strong as his mother's influence.

"The future destiny of the child "Napoleon said, "is always the work of the mother."

As we honor America's 50 million mothers on this day we should remember the role that motherhood has played in shaping history.

"The mother is the one supreme asset of national life, said Theodore Roosevelt. "She is more important by far than the successful statesmen, businessmen, artists, or scientists. "

Of course the influence of the mother is either positive or negative. Many famous people have been influenced by their mothers.

Patrick Henry was influenced by a mother that had a remarkable conversational ability. Sir Walter Scott's mother loved poetry and literature and shared with him from infancy. Despite 19 children, Susannah Wesley found time to give each child a one-hour Bible lesson every week. But Lord Byron's life was influenced by a mother that had a temper that bordered on insanity. They were morally unrestrained, unfaithful in marriage and devoid of spiritual values that showed up in the life of their son.

The Jewish Talmud centuries ago asked who is the best taught, and then answers, "He that is taught under his mother."

God has uniquely made women to be mothers. An article in United Mainliner in 1980 says,

"Today the weight of scientific and medical opinion says that equality among men and women does not mean sameness. They not only look different, they act different think differently and no amount of dolls fo ...

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