by Miles Seaborn

The Power of Patience
Miles Seaborn
James 5:7-12

Introduction: James was still addressing the suffering saints when he wrote, ''Be patient.''

That was the counsel at the beginning of his letter in Chapter 1:1-5, and it was his counsel as his letter came to a close.

Why should we be patient?

God is not going to right all the wrongs in this world during this time until Jesus Christ returns, and therefore, we believers must patiently endure and hope the judge is standing at the door. (Act of entering.)

Now three times James reminds us of the coming of the Lord (Chapter 5:7, 8, 9) This is the ''blessed hope,' of a Christian. (Titus 2:13)

We as Christians should not expect to have everything easy and comfortable in this present life, for:

''In this world ye shall have tribulation.'' John 16:33

Paul exhorted his converts that:

''We must through much tribulation enter into the kingdom of God. Acts 14:22

So we must patiently endure hardship and heartaches until Jesus returns.

Now James used two different words for patience.

LONG PATIENCE - 7, 8, 10
ENDURE - Verse 11

It literally means to REMAIN UNDER and speaks of endurance under great strength.

Now ''patience'' means to ''stay put and to stand fast when you'd like to run away, and many Greek scholars believe that ''long-suffering'' refers to patience in respect to persons, while ''endurance'' refers to patience in respect to conditions or situations.

But the question, we answer, is: ''How can we as Christians experience this kind of patience, endurance as we wait for the Lord to return?''

In answer to that question and need, James gives three encouraging examples of patient endurance.

I. THE FARMER (5:7-9)

1. They were to be patient in physical things.

If a man is impatient, then he'd better not become a farmer, because no crop appears overnight except perhaps a crop of weeds!

1) A farmer has no control over the weather. Too much rain causes the crops to rot; ...

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