by Miles Seaborn

No. 1273
BAB 8/9/81, p.m.

James 4:1-13

Introduction: We are in a war.
ILL. of Foreign Mission Board psy. ch.
ILL of younger years when I thought that when
everybody was having a great time they were
really spiritual ! (everything is turning up roses)
Spirituality = calmness, no problems.
But I found in reality that it is when I'm going
through suffering, when the enemy is at his
strongest that I am really growing the most and
developing because of it.

ILL. Whenever you make a commitment to grow!
The world, the flesh, and the devil will fight you
every step of the way! Since he has lost the
first battle in that you are not a part of his family,
he not going to lose the second. You going on to
spiritual maturity without warfare!

Almost every battle you face spiritually is a war!
Read the Bible - hard to get into habit, easy to slip out.
Prayer - have to keep cards handy. Prayer list because
they think of 76 things they should be doing!

Satan doesn't like us to fellowship with God, get our heads
together, business interruptions, kids, family, physical ills!

War against the Big Three!

1. FLESH - That old nature, old desires. Satan uses our
failures to rob us of assurance. (You are just like you
always were!)
2. PRESSURE of the world. Let's be like everybody else. The
conformity of the world.
3. SATAN himself - live by my wisdom. Try it, you'll like it!

Three Wars 2

I. YOUR FLESH (passions, desires; war/battles)

1. Two natures - When I am saved, God gives me a new
nature. My old nature is still there like a deposed dictator!
With my will I must choose whom I will serve - God or self-Satan.

Yield to old flesh - same old defeats.
Yield to new nature - God fresh clear way of life will
be seen-! -

ILL. He is saying that the problem that is raging
in the church there is because of yielding to old
nature. (Peace in Ch. 3. War in Ch. 4)

If you are going on to maturity, ...

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