by Miles Seaborn

By Miles Seaborn
James 3:1-12

Introduction: James has explained to us two characteristics
of a mature Christian. He is patient in trouble. Chapter 1.
Second, he practices the truth, Chapter 2. And third, he
suggests that he has power for his tongue.

ILL. Gossip and the problems with the
tongue are certainly not limited to women,
though they may have their share of problems
in that area.

As a small boy I heard the story of a woman
who was a notorious gossip of the church. She
hung on the phone most of the day; she hung
over the back fence most of the afternoon and
evening sharing all the tidbits and gossip and
the bad things happening along the life of the
church family.

One day under deep conviction she came to the
pastor and said, "Pastor, the Lord has convicted
me of my sin of gossip. My tongue is getting
me and others in trouble. "
Guardedly, the pastor asked, "Well, Sister,
what do you plan to do?" She said, "I want
to put my tongue on the altar, " in pious fervor.
The pastor said, "Lady, just put all that you
can there and don't worry about what's left over."
The Christians that James wrote to were apparently having
serious problems with their tongues. James had warned them
to “be swift to hear, slow to speak and slow to wrath.”
James 1:19

"The believer who does not bridle his tongue is not truly religious and his
faith is vain and empty." James 1:26

We must speak and act as if we are already facing Christ in judgement.
James 2:12

When we read scriptures like James 4:1 “What causes fights and quarrels among
you? Don’t they come from your desire that battles within you?” Reading
scriptures like that we get the impression that this assembly must have had some
interesting meetings!

Power of speech is one of the greatest powers that God has given us. With the
tongue man can praise God, he can pray, he can preach the Word, and he can point

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