by Miles Seaborn

Dr. Miles Seaborn
1 Peter 1:14-17

INTRO. From this point of Peter begins to lay stress
upon the necessity on the holy life to the Christian.
He sets it against the background of pagan vices of
the day and he presents the Christian hope as its
motive. Tonight it is not our purpose or meaning to
set the background or our pagan vices of the twentieth
century. But God would have us execute judgment on
our own life today - now this passage rises to
challenge our heart. We have reached the point of
these wicked corrupt in so many areas. American today
is as pagan as any country that ever lived.

Billy Graham not long ago said that on the streets of
New York at Times Square were things as pagan and
sinful and ungodly and as immoral as could be found in
any pagan drawing, experience, or writing found
anywhere in the world in days gone passed and until
this time. We know ourselves that day when sin hid on
the back streets with dim lights is gone. Now the
voice of sin and pagan practices call us from bright
lights, even from an era or an atmosphere of
respectability. On hand from books, magazines,
television, movies, from our next door neighbors, from
our own homes, from our own hearts. Sin goeth about
like a roaring lion, seeking to devour whom it may.
It has never, except for a few isolated incidences in
history, been popular to preach against sin, been
popular to expose our own selfishness, been popular to
preach in any negative way against the things of the
world. But in order to be for some things, we must be
against some things. This is an appeal from God's
word and from the heart of God himself to conform
ourselves, to shape, fashion and mold ourselves after
His image and not the things of the world.

It is one thing to glory and bask, and revel in the
goodness, graciousness and effervescent spirit of
Jesus. It another thing, closely tied, to get down to
t ...

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