by Miles Seaborn

Dr. Miles Seaborn
Matt. 3:12-17; Col. 2:12; Heb.8:5

INTRO. Arthor Herman Wouk observed not long ago that
some people think that all the equipment you need to
discuss religion is a mouth. But in order to gain
insight into the Word of God, we must have open
hearts, we must have God's Word before us, and we must
be willing to act on the plain truth.

I wonder if your attitude or mine might be like a
group of sightseers I heard about who were visiting a
Southern battlefield and they listened stoically to
the comments of their native guide with his deep
Southern accent" Here", he said, "On this hallowed
ground a handful of our Southern boys routed 30,000
Yanks. Here one fine battalion from Georgia
annihilated a great corps of Army troops. There, in
that place, two brave Virginia boys captured an entire
regiment of Northerners." Finally one woman in the
party spoke up with an unmistakable New England twang,
"Well, didn't the North ever win a single victory,"
she asked? "No ma'am," said the guide finally, "and
they never will as long as I'm driving this bus."

Now when it comes to the subject of baptism there must
be some scriptural grounds; there must be a foundation
which we can lay. It is important to understand what
God's Word says about baptism.

ILL. Nazareth lies in the foothills of the
mountains. There are many beautiful streams and
crystal pools all about Nazareth where one could
have been baptized, but when the time came for
Jesus to baptized, he walked from those beautiful
streams and pools 60 long miles that his baptism
might fulfill all righteous.

If baptism was important to Jesus, if God's Word gives
reference to it, and asks it of us, then it must be
important and we need to find what God's Word says
about it.

God never works by caprice or chance. He works by
plan and design.

Hebrews 8:5 says, "That God spoke to Moses and said,
See, ...

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