by Miles Seaborn

Gideon: The Man Who Routed the Aliens
Miles Seaborn
Judges 6:34

The spirit of the Lord came upon Gideon. Gideon, the fifth judge of Israel is always counted, and rightly so, as some of the outstanding heroes of Israel's early history. In our minds' eye, we think of Gideon with each man standing in his place breaking the pitcher, blowing the trumpet, and seeing the holy pandemonium fall upon the enemy as they slayed themselves a 120,000 in number. We see him in flashing righteous indignation, being used and directed by God's power.

But if we are to rightly praise Gideon, we must realize that at the very beginning his heroism was not a product of his natural make-up, but the outcome of the transforming spiritual experience through which he passed. We could speak much this morning of the place that God's people played, and rightly so, for each man stood in his place round the camp. We could be reminded of the fact that as success and victory and fruit come to any preacher or leader of God's work, it is because people have stood in their place around the camp. But this morning we want to confine ourselves to seeing God's work through the Holy Spirit on the heart of an unconverted Gideon. And realize that same experience can be ours today.

INTRO. When we first see Gideon, before he was converted, he cuts a pathetic figure of unbelief. He suddenly appears on the scene in the 6th Chapter of the book of Judges, verse 11. Get the mental picture of this fugitive-eyed young Hebrew as he nervously thrashes out the corn away from the proper and ordinary threshing floor, lest some Midianite should pry around and seize the precious food. Like the other young men in his day, he is stricken with fear at the might of Midian. Israel had sinned and in consequence the hand of Midian had prevailed against them. Seven years of servitude and bondage had come and there seemed no prospect of Israel's ever struggling free from the heel of the alien oppressor. The Midianites and t ...

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