by Miles Seaborn

Dr. Miles Seaborn
Joshua 1:1

INTRO. This man an Old Testament counterpart to
Jesus. Their names meant the same - deliverer - the
Lord is Salvation - and they were and they did!

Joshua 1:1b says "Joshua, the son of Non, Moses'
minister." Where were Moses' sons? Where were
Gershom and Eliezer? Did they have no heart for their
father's work? Had he neglected them as ministers of
God often do? Could it be possible that even Moses
had been so cumbered with the exodus and with the law
and with all the cares and labors of leadership in
Israel that he had no leisure to eat his meals besides
Zipporah and her two sons? Was it her fault that
these boys followed not after their father? Were
Mariam & Aaron right?

At any rate, Joshua was attracted to the openness and
warmth of Moses' heart! And this was part of the
preparation of Joshua's life! Look, if you will,
throughout the life of Moses and you find Joshua at
his side!

1. Exodus 17:8 - (1) chosen to lead the battle
against the Amelekites.
2. Exodus 24:13 - (2) went to the mount with
3. Exodus 33:9-11 (3) stayed in the tabernacle
4. Numbers 14:30 - chosen on the "survey
committee" - 40 years old at this time. Gave a
report of trust and faith.

ILL. of Dr. Wiles - What was the secret of your
successful ministry? "I observed those that God
was using and spent time with them." God's

ILL. of Joshua's strength that became his
weakness. Numbers 11:27-29 Joshua also was
commissioned of God! Duet. 31:14-23, and by
Moses - Number 27:18-21 Here lay the key to his
usefulness to God. "A man in whom is the

Joshua was a man to whom God made some tremendous
promises! His life was so much like Jesus - his
namesake - look at Joshua's life:

I. HE WAS A MAN OF PRINCIPLE - Joshua 1:3 - Numbers
"For every place that the sole of your foot shall
tread upon, tha ...

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