by Miles Seaborn

Dr. Miles Seaborn
Genesis 37-45

"Vengeance is mine, I will repay, sayth the Lord."

INTRO. Comedian Bill Cosby - with his uncanny
understanding of the human condition - presents one
monologue in which he talks about revenge. It seems
that, as a small boy, Cosby planned one snowy day to
ambush his friend "Weird Harold" with a light, fluffy
snowball. (According to the rules of the game only,
light, fluffy snowballs were allowed. Not slush ball
- the icy, "gunky" kind - were to be used.)

With Harold only three feet away, Cosby was about to
let fly when suddenly, "Whack!" - from an unknown
hiding place, someone let him have it right on the
side of the face with a full-fledged, "extra gunky"
slush ball and all of the juice and goop ran down his
stinging cheek, into his underwear!

Cosby turned and there was Junior Barnes, laughing
hilariously. In a blind rage, Cosby chased his
ambusher, but couldn't catch him. He finally sat down
in the snow and cried as the snow bank slowly melted
beneath him, soaking his four pairs of corduroys.

For that day on, Cosby made plans to "get" Junior
Barnes. First, he made a snowball for Junior Barnes
and even inscribed his name on it. And then he went
looking for Junior Barnes but couldn't find him. And
so, Cosby had to be content to put his snowball in the
freezer and wait for an opportunity to get his

Cosby waited, and he waited and he waited - until July
12, his birthday. It was 104 in the shade and there
wasn't a snowball in sight. He and Junior Barnes
("fast friends" by now) are sitting on Cosby's front
porch laughing and having the best of times. But the
desire for revenge is still deep in Cosby's heart. He
tells Junior he is going in the house to get them a
bottle of orange pop (which they can drink together
without even wiping off the top as true friends do).
But instead of getting the orange pop, he goes to the
freezer ...

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