by Miles Seaborn

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Dr. Miles Seaborn
1 Samuel 16:12

A minister, telling his congregation the story of
Ananias and Sapphira, who were struck dead for lying
roared to his flock, "God doesn't strike people dead
for lying anymore like He used to! If he did, where
would I be today?"

The congregation began to snicker, and the parson gave
them his "snapper": "I'll tell you where I would be,"
he shouted. "I'd be right here ... preaching to an
empty church!"
F.S. Milham Fullerton, PA.

"Arise, anoint him, for this is he!"

INTRO. One of the world's breathtaking sights is to
stand in the Academy of Science in Florence and see
Michalangelo's "David."

ILL. He is what our children remember most of
Europe and its masterpieces - so it is in the
tapestry of the O.T. He stands about even among
the greatest. His life has so many sides and
facets we must view him in more than one sermon.
Today we speak of his virtues. His good points.
We limit it to four - they could go on by the

"I know what is right, but where to find the courage
to stand up and do it?" In David we find a young man
so motivated to do just that! Imagine a small boy
excited at the thought of carrying food and clothing
to older brothers on the front line of battle! As he
finds his brothers' tents he is troubled. No sound of
battle, no excitement! They are hidden, afraid to
come outside. And all the while the roar of a huge
voice booming out blasphemies at Jehovah God. It is
Goliath! (9 feet tall, 16 cubits and a span - i.e.
from the point of the elbow to the tip of your longest
finger as you stretch them out. 8 inches. His armor
weighed 150 pound, his spearhead 15 lbs.)

Verse 26, David asks a question, "Why doesn't someone
fight this man who defies the armies of the living
God! Is there not a cause? Let no man's heart fail
him. The Lord will deliver me. I come to thee in the
name of the Lo ...

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