by Miles Seaborn

Dr. Miles Seaborn
Exodus 4:27-31; Exodus 15:20; Numbers 12:1-16

INTRO. What a gifted house! From out of a slave but
in Egypt came Moses, the deliverer, leader and
lawgiver. Aaron, the high priest, the silver tongued,
and Miriam, a terrific performer in Sacred drama,
sacred songs and instruments of music. A vivid
reminder that environment is not everything and people
can rise above circumstances whether they often do or

It was the house Amram the Levite and his wife "God my
glory," that God not only poured quantity of talent
but quality of talent was spread so well that all
Israel was complete in Moses, Miriam and Aaron. But
this morning let's fix our eyes on brother and sister
(Moses comes next week). Their lives must be viewed
in the context of Moses' life because God used them to
edify the ministry of Moses! Aaron was:

I. WILLING TO BE USED FOR GOD - Exodus 4;10-16, 27-31

1. Moses slow of speech - "Oh, my Lord, I am not
eloquent neither heretofore nor since God hast
spoken to thy servant but I am slow of speech and
of a slow tongue." Why? Maybe the long silence
of 40 years on the backside of nowhere - or
perhaps it was the weight and depth of Moses'
mind. At any rate he needed help!

2. Aaron - Even heaven had heard of his speaking
(Ex. 4:14) He had a way with words. Moses meant
one thing but ended up saying another.

1) He spoke to the elders of Israel and
scattered their objections and calmed their
fears - verses 29-31 Aaron spoke to Pharaoh
and history records his eloquence. He had
the rare talent to move men and say the
right thing at the right time!

2) He also had the right desire in his
heart to serve God. Verse 14 "he shall be
glad in his heart." He too burned with a
desire to free God's people but he could
not do it but he knew one who could, his
brother Moses. At the same time God was
speaki ...

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