by Miles Seaborn

Sarah: A Study on Pride
Miles Seaborn
Genesis 11:30; 16:1-16; Galatians 4:22-31

INTRO. Hidden away almost unnoticed in Chapter 11:30 is the source of all the following eleven epoch-making chapters in Genesis. Canaan and Egypt; Hagar and Ishmael: The promise of Isaac and the birth, the circumcision, the sacrifice and the deliverance and his mother's faith; all their falls; all their failures; all their victories - all God's promises and all His providence's. All these and more spring from this same small verse, ''But Sarah was barren, she had no child.''

Galatians 4:22-31 used Sarah and her handmaiden, Hagar, as an allegory. Now an allegory is when one thing is said but another thing more important or meaningful is meant - while Sarah's experience is historical and biographical and real, I can't get it out of my heart that Abraham is my faith in God's promises to me of the fruit and power of the Holy Spirit in me; while childless Sarah is my still unfruitful heart!

Sometimes I feel as you do I'm sure that my heart is as much without spiritual seed and life as was Sarah's silent trust. And like Sarah behind her tent door, I laugh at the idea of me becoming useful - fruitful - powerful in my Christian life. I wonder, ''Shall Christ ever be formed in me?'' Still I am sometimes like poor Sarah, driven, desperate, rule-less and wild between the divine promise on one hand and my own wicked heart on the other. And like Sarah involve and fatally injure other people in my desperation.

But let us get back on solid ground and speak no more of parables. Let's center our time left on the facts as they speak from God's Word.

As time went on, and any hope of ever becoming a mother died out in Sarah's heart, she became desperate. Had meekness and humility and Godly designation and the blotting out of herself grown with the disappointment, it would have hidden Sarah from her temptations and help life the cross she bore. But pride ruled her heart rather than submiss ...

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