by Miles Seaborn

A Triangle of Failure
Dr. Miles Seaborn
1 Kings 11, 12, 13

INTRO. "What if" is a phrase that has haunted many of us throughout our lives. So many dreams, aspirations, and ambitions have ended up in the garbage heap of "if only or "what if."

ILL of men and women who come up after missionary sermons. "God called me. I didn't respond. Now I have to live with the knowledge that life is second choice."

"Missed the will of God" - not that we don't know it, so much as we don't choose it and follow it!

Tens of thousands - maybe even some of you - standing looking back on life are saying "What if I had done this or that."

Solomon cast a shadow of influence on many. Who would believe it if it were not written in the Bible that Solomon by the middle of his life was rushing headstrong to his own ruin and the ruin of his royal house. Solomon to whom God appeared twice, Solomon with his beautiful dream. At Gibeon (1 Kings 3:3-14) Solomon, his splendid prayer at the dedication of the temple, his wisdom and understanding, and his largeness of heart - now it is gone! Clear forgotten.

1 Kings 11:4-8 (Solomon went after heathen gods.) Every stone of all Solomon's temples and palaces and heathen alters was laid wet with the blood of an oppressed and exasperated people.

Samuel's words were like fire in the bones of God's people as they bled under the whip of the tax gatherer and the taskmaster.

Read 1 Samuel 8:10-19. That day had fully come, and it was in that atmosphere of terrible oppression that our "triangle of failure" unfolds.


Given 10 tribes of God - (1 Kings 11:26-38) Great promise of the future (11:38-39). God had given him the kingdom, valiant men, wise, able to rule. His failure recorded in 1 Kings 12:26-30. Why?

1. He failed to take council of God's man Ahijah. God's man knew his heart - he feared and hated this. Satan - not God's servant - was his counselor through all his life.


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