by Miles Seaborn

NAAMAN - A Mighty Man, But He Was a Leper
Dr. Miles Seaborn
2 Kings 5:1-19

INTRO. Friday in Cebu City, begging day for arrested
lepers. Missing fingers, noses, ears, slap-stick walk
that tells of ligaments and joints gone bad. Jesus
day - day of the Old Testament. the most dreaded
disease. Lived by themselves. Made to gather their
robes around them, cover their faces, cry as they go,
"Unclean! Unclean!" Called the living death. No
dreadful disease know to man - Leprosy. Now God's
Word tells a story in 14 eloquent verses that are the
epitome of art and style - gripping. Exciting,
pathetic, yet all do not come today to learn literary
grace, but to find salvation for our souls. Listen as
God's Word tells its story!

(Read Verses 1-15a)

Now let's break it down to bit size pieces. No more
relative story to our generation today to you and to
me than this simple experience.

I. THE CONDITIOONS - 2 Kings 5:1

1. As the world looked at Naaman (Externally)
There seemed to be no problem. Captain of the
host of the king of Syria. Head of the army. Man
of position, his word law. Answerable only to the
king. There is a good chance he was "the certain
man," named in 1 Kings 22:34 who shot an arrow
and killed King Ahab and turned the tide of
battle to the Syrians. A great man with his
master or before his master. Respected by the
king. Honorable. With his power and position he
could have been a despot! Could hold his head
up. (lift his face) A mighty man in valor. A
person of human resources.

Courage - He had so much going his way. So much
seemingly for which to live. But he was a leper.

2. As he really was-God's vision-His vision

1) But he was a leper. Everything was
negated by that one terrible fact! Leprosy
used by God to teach his people what a
terrible thing sin really is.

Why so terrible. Today less know about
lep ...

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