by Miles Seaborn

Elijah: The Man Who Stood Alone
Miles Seaborn
1 Kings 17

INTRO. There comes sometimes in the life of every Christian when he must find the spiritual strength and courage to stand alone and do the will of God. Such a man was Elijah. The Bible calls him a Tishmite. We know nothing of his mother or of his father, in fact, we're not even sure where Tishba was. But god had prepared his heart and raised him up for this hour of need in the life of God's people.

The name of Elijah and its meaning in Hebrew tells us much about a mother and father though they remain nameless. His name ''Elijah'' meant ''my God is Jehovah.'' This rough-hewn man who has been called God's answer to Baal was one of the two men in scripture who had the privilege of being taken from this life without passing through death. Again and again God blessed this man who had courage to stand when all others knelt; to speak when all others held silence; to exercise his faith in the will of God when all others were faithless. It was Elijah who stood with Jesus on the Mount of Transfiguration. Perhaps it was Elijah, one of the two men in white apparel who stood as Jesus ascended up into heaven and said, ''Why stand ye, men of Galilee, gazing up into heaven. This same Jesus who is taken up will so come again in like manner.''

Some prophets are called prophets of words and others prophets of deeds. Elijah was certainly a prophet of deeds. He spoke of himself of having been jealous for God. In James 5:17 God's Word says Elijah was a man subject to like passions like as we are and he prayed earnestly
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