by Miles Seaborn

Saul: The Man Who Played the Fool
Miles Seaborn
1 Samuel 26:21

INTRO. There certainly are some things that are obscure in the life of Saul. Other things stand out like a beacon light. One things that is very important is: rather than picking out one piece, or segment, or section of Saul's life that we see him in his totality to get the full impact of the significance of God working in his life and his acceptance and rejectance of the will of God.

In some ways, he is very big, and in other ways, very little. In some ways he is commandingly handsome; in other ways, decidedly ugly. All in one, he is a giant and a dwarf; a hero and a renegade; a king and slave; a prophet and reprobate; a man God appointed and a man Satan controlled. He began so promisingly, but the deterioration of his spiritual life ended so dismally that he is a monument forever after to all who will read and mark and learn about God's will in their life.

One thing that is obscure is much about Saul's mother and father. We have never heard about Saul's mother. But what kind of father can Kish have been? We all know about Samuel. All Israel from Dan even Beersheba knew Samuel was established to be a prophet of the Lord. But Kish and his son Saul. They were so busy in their animal husbandry that they made light of Samuel and they would not come to sit at his feet and to watch him judge and to listen to him proclaim. Samuel was a old man by this time. He had grown gray in the service that made all Israel acknowledge and know God from one end of the land to the other. But Saul all the time did not even know Samuel when he say him. Listen to God's Word in the 9th chapter of first Samuel, verse 18: ''Saul, while looking for some straying animals met Samuel face to face and said, 'Tell me, I pray thee, where is the seer's house? And Samuel answered Saul, and said, ''I am the seer.'''

Well should every father here remember that the principles and precepts and attitudes and disposition that he ...

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