by Miles Seaborn

Samuel - Pure in Heart
Miles Seaborn
1 Samuel 3:35

INTRO. ILL. of going through a church this week. Three men of different ages - ears. Saw in Beginner department the picture of Samuel on his mat saying, ''Speak, Lord, they servant heareth.'' Each of us said our earliest recollection of Sunday School God's Word - religious teaching - were these pictures.

Samuel stand out in God's Word. He was the last of the great judges and first of the prophets. It was a chaotic period in Israel's history! A terrible time of change and transition. At the head of Israel stood Saul (beset with a terrible melancholia that often seemed madness) - no man's life was safe in his own household. Division in the state, insanity in the court. In the midst of all this stood Samuel, a lonely figure of tremendous stature, a man whose job it was to start the organization of Israel and a kingdom. He never lived to see it in its glory under David and Solomon. His task was to prepare Israel for her days of glory.

God's people had lived as slaves. No need to make decisions, everything is planned for you. You are told what to do. You get what you are given. But his does not build a nation. Neither does it develop independence!

There was inner-tribal jealousy and strife. ''Every man did that which was right in his own eyes.'' And that most of the time was not right with God! God raised up judges and Samuel was the greatest!

I want you to see Samuel as God's Word reveals him. Standing in faith, in service, in simplicity. The connecting link between the old way of life, the wilderness wandering way of life and the new way of life for God's children. new in organization and government.

I. LET US LOOK AT THE ''MOTHER'' IN HIS LIFE - Hannah - i.e. grace - favor - loved by her husband (vs. 5) but barren. The fruit of polygamy ''provoked sore by her adversary'' - One had her husband's love, the other his children. Jealousy. ''She wept and did not eat.'' Not understood by her husband (v ...

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