by Miles Seaborn

Moses: Our Model
Miles Seaborn
Numbers 12:3

INTRO. This week I met with five experts on family. As we brainstormed the problems of a family and how to solve them, Judge Ozz Chrishman, Domestic Court Judge in Dallas, said desperately, individuals need models from which they can pattern their lives.

Dr. Williams, from Baylor University - Why do people fail? Not through lack of technical knowledge, but because they can't get along with themselves and other people. They need models for their lives and for their future.

We are living in a generation when the role models of teenagers are portrayed on television as violent and immoral. No great heroes, no outstanding politician, no true patriots of a country. Desperately today you and I here need models, a model that we can draw from God's Word, a model that goes through the experience of life that can relate to us. Moses was such a person.

The sweep and breadth of Moses' life that was encompassed in four of the five books of the Old Testament, is focused in this one sentence. ''Of all the men on the earth, he was the meekest.''

ILL. ''Meek'' to most of us means milk toast, means weak, but it really means humble, trainable, pliable in God's hand. It is something every Christian should strive for and want to be, for Jesus was this way - humble beneath the will of His Heavenly Father.

ILL. It might look so easy, but the glass cutters learning to measure and scribe the glass - it takes years to obtain that skill - doesn't happen overnight!

Moses, meek; Moses, humble. But is certainly was not so in his young life. Nothing meek about him - when in his fierce anger he slew that Egyptian in the desert and hid his body. God worked with him for 120 years to bring him to this place in his life where he could say about him, ''He is the meekest man, humblest man, the most pliable in God's hand on this earth.''

It took three 40-year segments in the University of Hard Knocks to bring him to the place of pliabi ...

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