by Miles Seaborn

Cain and Able: Life's Choices
Miles Seaborn
Genesis 4:1-16, Hebrews 11:4

INTRO. God has laid a burden on my heart to deepen and strengthen the character of my life and His people, that is the reason for this series of messages. A growing conviction that if we are to stand in this generation so swept with the cop out - the easy way - we find faith and character like God's people of old.

Why trouble the dusty bones of the ancients, you ask? Because they faced life in all its harshness, its reality. It's challenges and met it head on and won!

These men and women of God are not isolated and different people from you and I, but are rather people like ourselves who had real experiences with God and profited from them.

Down through the history of the Hebrew nation, God was suing individual men and women. They were great not only because of the great things they did, certainly not because of their sinlessness and not because they did not make mistakes, but they were great because they were faithful when God called them. They did the work He called them to do!

Abraham - turned away from security to serve God.

Moses - committed his time and personality to God and was commissioned to lead God's people free!

David - dared the impossible and devastated Goliath, the enemy of God.

Daniel - refused to bow his knees to satan and rose from the lion's den to lead God's people.

These men are just as real as our life at the office, in our house, with our friends. Pray God lets us learn from them during these Sunday mornings through the summer and fall.

This morning - life laid bare through the choices of Cain and Able. The first two men born into this world - they represent the two distinct choices of life that everyone of us must face! They had so much in common but took such divergent paths in life - oh, pray that God will lead us to draw from their lives and make choices in life that will lead us to good and God!

I. THEIR BACKGROUND - Genesis 4:3- ...

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