by Miles Seaborn

Dr. Miles Seaborn
John 19:30, Luke 24:1-8

INTRO. We live in the shadow of death in this
contemporary world! Even with the lonely impersonal
life we now live, we cannot escape being confronted
with out ultimate fate - death. Into the home come
Technicolor accounts of murder. Jack Ruby shot to
death before startled eyes of millions, blood red
pictures of battle deaths in war weary Vietnam.

Headlines from our daily newspaper hit us with
pictures of twisted, mangled automobiles and sprawled
bodies in the latest 7 -11 robbery. There is no way
to avoid it. Modern man must squarely face death in
all its horror.

Because this is so, Christians have life's greatest
opportunity to testify again the tremendous message of
Jesus Christ's resurrection! The door is open!
Millions of people have dived down in the well of
materialism and come up with a house full of things -
boats, cars, TV's and an empty heart! and a
purposeless life! By the 1,000s they are turning to
find something beyond this brief life - Easter
mysticism, astrology spiritualism, reincarnation
myths, looking, searching - some for a solution that
does not require losing all reason.

Yea, for multitudes the message of God's Word becomes
a real live option. If we know Jesus can declare it
clearly, accurately and boldly in the power of God's
spirit JESUS LIVES - because I live ye shall live also
is the cry.

But the gospel - the good news tells it like it is!
It recognizes the horror of death! You see in God's
Word, death is not just a beautiful anteroom that
leaves to the blissful realm of heaven!

The grave is the inevitable destructive result of
man's willful rebellion against God. Death at the end
of life results from death in the midst of life! Big
I, egotism, has separated man from God. It has made
us agents of anger and hatred, violence and bloodshed.
Our sinful nature and sinful behav ...

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