by Miles Seaborn

Dr. Miles Seaborn
John 10:41

INTRO. What place for an ordinary guy in this world
of specialists. I feel so unspectacular.

Is it possible to promote the Lord's Kingdom work, win
men to Christ - develop a good and strong Christian
life without doing any sensational, romantic
miraculous work?

Without trying to limit God to the ordinary - God's
Word says yes!

"Among them that are born of women there hath not
risen a greater than John the Baptist." Yet John did
not miracle!

"He was, a burning and shining light," yet John did no

"He was a prophet yet" and yet John did no miracle!

"All that John spake of this man was true" yet John
did no miracle!

So many of us feel like Moses - unable to speak
clearly - limiting what God can do through us by
faith. Many people are without ambition or
inspiration to do much for God. But perhaps there are
others who need a fresh look at what God can do with a
commonplace life!

There are basically two kinds of people in the world -
those who show up and then those who are sent.

ILL. of Willie Loman - salesman in Arthur Miller
play, "The Death of a Salesman." Pathetic little
fellow second rate notions. He was always going
to make it big tomorrow. He took his own life.
His son standing beside his grave, summed up his
father's life in one sentence, "My father never
really knew who he was."

Oh, that is true of so many multiplied millions in our
society. They simply show up in life. They never
have the guts or the courage to look into their own
lives and see what is involved, to see their
possibilities in Christ Jesus.

They Just Show Up!

Over against the "show-up kind" are "sent kind" people
who feel differently. They were not sent to the 19th
Century or the 21st, but now to this generation, the
20th Century by the will of God. If we are ever to
catch the eye and ear of the 20th Century man, we w ...

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