by Miles Seaborn

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I AM THE TRUTH (8 of 10)
Dr. Miles Seaborn
John 14:6

INTRO. Truth to most of the world is an elusive
thing! Too often it is a subjective thing based upon
what we want to believe is the truth. Charles Mason
believes he knows what the truth is - from most all
appearances he instigated and motivated the murder of
6 people in shuddering cold blood - Listen to Times
report of his appearance at his trial -

"Last week Manson - pale but composed, in blue
prison denim, his dark hair a flowing frame for
his pinched face - walked into the Los Angeles
courtroom where the concerns of the state must be
met. On his forehead was his symbol of
apartness: an X, in his own dried blood, but
there because 'I have Xed my self from your
world.' He went on, in a statement of
indifference and martyrdom: 'I stand with my X,
with my love, with my God and by myself. My
faith in me is stronger than all your armies,
governments, gas chambers I know what I have done
and your courtroom is man's game. Love is my

For you see we need some absolutes in our lives! All
mankind is groping for reality and absolute truth -
(TELL IT LIKE IT IS) our generation now cries. Songs
come from (Johnny Cash - "What is truth?") In spite of
situation ethics, which says, there is no right and
wrong, truth or lies, (depending upon each situation)
you and I desperately reachout for truth - even those
most cosmopolitan and way out look for truth.

ILL. of Winsor Elliott - right schools. $75 an
hour one of the three in the world who command
this price in the middle of setting, "I'm
finished, I can't work any more." She said and
walked out. She remembered the one Bible verse
she knew, John 3:16. Read Bible, saved while
watching Billy Graham. She said about the
sophisticated people with whom she worked.

"The arts and entertainment industry,
including fashion, are mirrors of the
nation ...

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