by Miles Seaborn

The Tithe Is the Lord's! Or the Tithe, God's Plan of Christian Growth and Church Finance
Dr. Miles Seaborn
Lev. 27:30-32

INTRO. One of the most interesting things of life is to note the reaction, different kinds of reaction that people have when we begin to talk about money. It seems that most of us, no matter rich or poor, never seem to have enough of it and would like to have more of it.

ILL. I am reminded of the preacher who was asleep one night when a burglar broke in at the
midnight hour and began to rifle through the personal belongings of the preacher. The preacher awakened and confronted the burglar and the burglar drew out a gun and pointed the gun at him and said, ''If you move, you are a dead man. I'm hunting for your money.'' The preacher said, ''Amen, let me get up and turn on the light and I'll help you look for it, too.''

Most of us feel like we don't have enough of it and we're hunting for more of it almost all the waking hours of our life. God's word has much to say about money and so this morning we want to talk about God's way and God's plan of Christian development - church finance.

ILL. Not long ago I read a story of a Roman Catholic priest who had decided it was time to do
away with the bingo and the raffles and the carnivals and the other means of raising money
and go back to the tithe. He was asking all his parishioners to tithe. It received nation-wide
publicity as it was a new scheme or a new promotion or a new idea. This has been God's plan and God's idea since the very beginning of time that man should give in proportion as God has blessed him. Our God is a God of law and grace, but always a God of order!

First of all, He is a God of cosmic law. - Genesis 1:14 says the planets move in their orbit with

Second, He is a God of natural law. - Genesis 1:11 reminds us the seasons, without flaw, produce everything after its kind.

Third, He is a God of social laws. The Ten Commandments are the founda ...

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