by Miles Seaborn

Dr. Miles Seaborn
Luke 12:1-34

INTRO. The question our sermon asks this morning is a
current one and it has been since man began. I'm sure
you remember the story of the rich Texas who died and
requested to be buried in a solid gold Cadillac filled
with 100-dollar bills. They dug a deep hole, etc.
placed him in the care behind the driver's seat. Two
fellows after the service began to shovel dirt. One
said to the other, "Man, now that's what I call really
living!" What is life all about, anyway? When did
all this begin and where does it lead to?

We need some landmarks to guide us - to remember that
all of this is God's! It could be even a speck of

ILL. of young scientist agnostic in college - no
place for God. "I knew all the accepted
theories. I could explain the formation of the
Universe and the development of life on earth,
but there was always one thing that bothered me!
A little speck of dust. I could never explain
the origin of matter, and that drove me to a
recognition of God!"

Now the setting for today's sermon scripture. Jesus
and the trampling thousands! Dealt with the vital
issues of life and death (how to be saved), verses 8-
9. In the midst of it all a man blurts out, "Teacher,
make my brother divide the inheritance money with me!"
No wonder Jesus spent more time and words dealing with
the danger of money and material than any other
subject! If a man could think of the inheritance at a
time like that, God's Word is true. The love of money
IS the root of all evil.

Then Jesus told a story of a man who thought
possessions and wealth was living. (Story of a rich

I. LIFE IS NOT POSSESSIONS! Vs. 15 and 22-30

1. Possessions cannot bring happiness nor
purpose to life. Ecc. 5:10 - "He that loveth
silver shall not be satisfied with silver; nor he
that loveth abundance with increase."

In fact, material poss ...

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