by Miles Seaborn

Dr. Miles Seaborn
Job 29:15-16

INTRO. Some vital things in life often get turned
around! Often both our motives and our methods are
misguided and for selfish reasons. Perhaps some of us
give and tithe because we feel like we have to rather
than because we want to and ought to. Could this be
any of us?

"Behold a certain frog found himself caught in a very
deep rut on a muddy country road. Moreover, try as he
may, he could not get over the high ridges that
surrounded him. A certain frog happened along but he
could not get his friend out of the rut. Other
friends passed that way would alas, all was in vain.
The frog remained in the rut.

The next day, one of his friends passed along the
country road and there he met the frog who but
yesterday was in the rut. He was free and happy. 'I
say friend. I thought you were in the rut for good,'
he said. 'That's right,' replied the frog, 'but a
truck came along that road and I HAD to get out.'"

Our scripture reminds us of one of the richest
stewardship passages in all the Bible. It places
Christian stewardship in the proper perspective. It
also points out the shortcomings of so many Christians
in the matter of giving and sharing of what God has
blessed them with.

But in our daily life, the altar seeks the gift.
Everyday "altars" reach out their hands to us to
invite and claim our money - time and talent.
Sometimes they are organizations, our families,
programs, activities, hobbies, needs, wants, daily
almost minute by minute they clamor and reach out for
our gifts. This is life choosing what altar will
claim or use our gift - time - loyalty - devotion -
school - work - football - Lord's Day - depression.

There is hardly any place we can escape the hard sell
of advertising - $72,000.00 per minute for bowl games
and World Series.

The tobacco industry spends $300 million a year to
persuade us to smoke a s ...

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