by Miles Seaborn

What Happens When Mothers Leave Home or
Who Cares For The Baby, I Work?
Dr. Miles Seaborn
1 Sam. 1:10, 1 Tim. 5:14, Titus 2:4

INTRO. This morning I'm going to make a PITCH and a
PLEA; for those of you who are thinking about going to
work who are mothers, to stay at home; for those of
you who are mothers who have gone back to work but you
have a viable option to go back to the home to do so;
for those of you how are grandparents that have any
influence on your children and grandchildren to
encourage them for the mother to stay at home,
particularly when the children are little; I am going
to ask for those of you who are single or engaged and
hope to married to get this principle in your mind so
that when God sends children in your home, the mother
will stay at home and raise those children.

It is very important to you, to society and to
everything you feel is really basic to life.

ILL. NEWSWEEK magazine - a 10-year-old boy in
Batman suit, mean look on his face, said he was
taking B.A.T. training Basic Aid Training - Young
Ken Hanson is taking B.A.T. training learning how
to take care of emergencies that might happen at
the home. He is responsible for his 5-year-old
brother. Both of his parents work. The American
Red Cross sponsors this kind of training to help
make things bearable in otherwise unbearable

That ad spoke of some of the tremendous stress
put on the family in this generation. It is one
of the things being taught that contributes to
the breakdown of the family. The breakdown of
the family can often happen so quickly when that
supervisor, Mom, is taken out of the home.

Juvenile delinquency, the rise of rebellion,
tremendous rise in drugs and liquor, suicide. The
break up and down of the family tells us something
that we are doing is NOT RIGHT! We are not getting
the job done. That we need to go back and look at how
we are doing it. Mom ...

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