by Miles Seaborn

Which Way, America?
Dr. Miles Seaborn
Psalm 80:3; Lev. 5:21

INTRO. The United States of America is actually a
very young nation. In fact, our entire 200 years of
history have been spanned through the lifetime of just
four presidents. When Thomas Jefferson died, Abraham
Lincoln was a young man of 17. Lincoln's life was
short, but when he died, Woodrow Wilson was a boy of 8
and by the time the nation mourned for President
Wilson, Gerald Ford had reached the age of 10.

Yes, the United States has risen rapidly, but our fall
could be just as quick. Let's look the future
straight in the face and ask ourselves, today, which
way, America?

Beginning September 1, 1976, a ban on fireworks went
into effect across the U.S. From now on the 4th of
July will be a great deal quieter thane ver before.
Actually, fireworks, for safety reasons have been in
full retreat for many years. But, you know, there is
another kind of quietness that is far less reassuring
than firecrackers, that's happening. For many people
there is a lack of enthusiasm in celebrating our
birthday. The big bang has quietly subsided. On,
there are some that have a little taste for a light-
hearted celebration. In fact, instead of a birthday
party atmosphere, there is a serious, questioning mood
across our nation.

This feeling is coming from many directions. TIME
Magazine said, "The belief that America has created a
kind of heaven on earth has been badly damaged."

People are disillusioned and confused about their
lives and the future of this country. A recent Harris
survey placed Congress at the bottom of the U.S.
institutions in which the public had some degree of
confidence. Only 4% of the American people expressed
a great deal of confidence in our Congress. The
Executive branch rates only slightly higher with a
confidence rating of 11.

Public confidence in non-governmental groups and
individuals is a little better ...

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