by Miles Seaborn

Victory over Temptation
Miles Seaborn
1 Corinthians 10:12-13

Memorize and meditate on 1 Corintians 10:13, because it is one of those prominent verses concerning temptations and it is a power-packed verse and one that will give you strength in times of trouble.

I guess it was Shakespeare who said in his play JULIUS CEASAR, ''O, Marcus, a colossal child, able to conquer the world but unable to resist a temptation.''

And that was Mark Anthony's problem, and that is our problem because indeed we face some incredible temptations in our time and every time, every man, every woman in his own world or time. Now man has tried to deal with temptations I guess in one of three ways.

1.One way to give into temptations is what one guy said to me. He said, ''Preacher, I figured out how to deal with temptation.'' I said, ''Really? Tell me.'' He said, ''Give in to it, just don't worry about it, just go ahead. The natural urge is beautiful, therefore it feels good, do it.'' And so, spurred by animal and natural instincts some people live that way. They're not even concerned about temptation. But of course as a Christian you have to be concerned about temptation because when you are saved you want to live a life that will please the Lord and be a testimony for others and a life that brings abundant life to your own heart. so of course victory over temptation is vital if we're going to experience the Christ-like life. so I don't think for a Christian the idea is just to give into a temptation is any solution at all but rather is defeating defeat. That's not winning, that's losing.

2. Another way that Christians try to deal with temptations is to fight it! By fighting it I mean fight it in their own strength. To try to muster up enough character or to build up enough personal power and resistance to overcome temptation. And of course that is doomed to failure as well because no person has enough power to overcome temptation.

ILL. Like that little boy who was climbin ...

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