by Miles Seaborn

What Is Lordship?
Dr. Miles Seaborn
Matthew 25:14-30

INTRO. Stewardship is Lordship! This morning's message asks a question, ''What is Lordship? What is it like as man to submit to the Lordship of Jesus Christ?''

''The greatest challenge facing the church today is to reassert the Lordship of Jesus Christ.'' Chuck Colson

ILL. George Gallup - latest poll said, religion is growing at an unprecedented rate and yet so is immoral behavior. There is little difference in the moral values and conduct of those who go to church and those who do not.'' 68% of Americans are members of a church.

Why is that? Because we as believers have not understood and submitted to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

Religion is a personal matter having little effect on how they live their life.'' Gallup poll

ILL. Come to church, open Bible, take a few notes, leave and at the parking lot, literally leave behind what they have heard from God's Word. Live that way until next Sunday. Put on the cloak and make of Christianity once again.

ILL. (A moral illustration) Mario Como - Governor of New York, a Catholic. At Notre Dame University, he said, ''I accept the views, teaching of the Roman Catholic church, but as a Public Official I have to uphold the law and we can understand that.'' But then he went on to say that he was under no obligation personally to oppose abortion as long as the majority of the people favored it!

As Christians we can believe on Sundays but go into the crowd during the week and act completely opposite of your Sunday convictions.

See Sermon Notes - out of all the church members in America -
10% can't be found
20% never attend
25% never pray
30% never read Bible
40% never give to the church
50% never attend Sunday evening service
60% never give to world missions
70% never assume any responsibility within the church
80% never attend Wednesday night prayer meetings
95% never won one person to Christ
100% believe they will go to heaven!

Lis ...

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