by Frank Pollard

By Frank Pollard
Matthew 5:14-16

In Matthew 5, verses 14-16 let's talk about the title
"Show Me". Are you one of those Americans who believe we are
losing it, losing control of our streets, our schools, our TV
sets, our borders, our government, our children, our future?
There is good news and bad news. The good news is it's
not as bad as you've been told. Consider these facts gathered
by Gallop Poll, Harris Poll, News Week, New York Times, and Los
Angeles Times: ninety-five percent of Americans never use drugs,
ninety-five percent pay their taxes and do not cheat, eighty-
eight percent either drink moderately or not at all, eighty-five
percent have never cheated on their spouse, sixty-two percent of
adults think teens have had sex by the age of sixteen. The fact
is that seventy percent of sixteen year old Americans are still
virgin, fifty-five percent of Americans go to church at least
once a month, 89.2 million Americans volunteered last year.
They gave 19 billion hours or 9 1/2 million years of service to
others without pay.
The bad news is it's true. We are losing it and maybe
it's better than we are told but it's bad and it's dangerous.
It is encouraging to hear so many talk about returning to
our values but there is confusion about what those values are.
Dr. Olen Robinson, President, Middlebury Vermont College: "Some
years ago a young woman who had confessed to cheating on an exam
came by my office to say that she didn't think she should be
suspended because she hadn't meant any harm. I said, "Mary,
there is not an awful lot I can do about it. The institution
has certain standards and I would have thought you would too."
She replied, "Dr. Robinson, I am sure I have standards, I just
don't know what they are." She didn't know it but she spoke for
an entire society. "We claim to have moral and ethical
standards," he said, "but we just don't know what they are."
The Sermon on the Mount addresses this very thing. Jesus ...

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