by Frank Pollard

By Frank Pollard
"The Places We'll Go"
I and II Samuel

In "Alice in Wonderland" Alice is saying to the Chesshire cat,
"Can you please tell me which way to go?" The cat replies, "Well, that
depends a great deal on where you want to get to." Alice, "I don't
care much where." The cat, "Then it doesn't matter which way you go."
Well, of course, to most of us it does matter which way we go in life
but whether we plan our course or not, we'll all go places we never
thought we would. Wonderful and good places and we will go to places
we don't want to go in life. You may get up on a morning and saunter
into the most wonderful joyous day of your life or walk into the worst
day you'll ever experience. There are times when life is tame, same,
ever dull and there are times when the heart within you beats for
better or for worse.
As only he can, the wordsmith, Dr. Seuss, presents a positive, yet
realistic description of life. In his best-selling book, oh, the
Places You'll Go, he leads us through success and failure, triumph and
tragedy and at last up the mountain of our destiny.
Take any autobiography of personal greatness that you have read
and it fits Dr. Seuss' description. Take any account in God's Word of
people He used to enrich their lives and further His purposes, and it
fits - Noah, Abraham, all of them.
I and II Samuel tell of the life of David. He went places. The
high soaring flights of early success, the prickly perch, the coming
down with a lurch, the slump, the loneliness and the enemies prowl. He
climbed his mountain called Zion, some fifteen miles from his birth-
place and built from there the greatest kingdom his people ever
It all started in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Jesse of Bethlehem.
David was son number eight. You're not supposed to be a leader when
you're the baby of the bunch. The human behaviorists tell us that
leaders are seldom ever the last child born because they never had
anyone to lead while they we ...

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