by Frank Pollard

By Frank Pollard
Ecclesiastes 1 & 2

What if you could do anything you wanted, go anywhere
you chose, buy anything that appealed to you - would you be
happy? There was such a man. He was a powerful, wise,
respected, wealthy man. He was able to do anything he
wanted because he was the king, the absolute monarch of his
nation. He could go anywhere, do anything he wanted
because he was rich, unbelievably wealthy. He wrote three
books. One when he was young and head over hills in love,
the Song of Solomon. Book number two was written when he
was a little older, the greatest book on successful
practical living ever written, the Book of Proverbs. The
last book he wrote is simply the testimony of a burned out
life, despondent, weary and hopeless, the first paragraphs
of Ecclesiastes is anything but inspiring. Listen to
verses one and two: "The words of the teacher, son of
David, king in Jerusalem: 'Meaningless! Meaningless!' says
the teacher. 'Utterly meaningless! Everything is
meaningless." What a way to start a book.
My friend, Ed Young, has written a helpful study of
Ecclesiastes entitled, "Been There. Done That. Now
What?" Of any place he wanted to go under the sun, Solomon
could say, "Been there". Of any lifestyle or act of
pleasure or fulfillment, Solomon could say, "Done that".
Having been there and done that and finding it meaningless,
he asked, "Now what?"
It is not enough to say "Solomon, you ought to go to
church." Solomon went to church. In fact, Solomon built
the church. In fact, Solomon preached and taught in the
church. Verse one calls him, "the teacher". In other
places he is called, "the preacher". He asked for and got
wisdom which comes from God and he taught it in the
Proverbs and he preached it in the temple but he lived by
the wisdom which came from his own mind. He indeed became
rich, powerful, respected and empty. "Old Red Legs" scored
another victory. You know that evil seld ...

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