by Frank Pollard

By Frank Pollard
"Your Power to Make Life Good"
Deuteronomy 30

The last words of Moses were upbeat and positive. He said to that
assembled crowd, "Something good is about to happen to you. Today
there is set before you a new land, a new life, and all you have to
do is take it." Deuteronomy 30 is only one of the places that
declares we have in our control the power to make life good and that
power is not out of reach. In verse 11 He said, "It is as near and
your heart. It is inside you. It is as close as the words that come
out of your mouth. This is not some divine secret you have to soar
into heaven to bring back. It is not so deep and complicated that
you have to sail some stormy intellectual sea to grasp. It is as
cloae as music to a hymn book, it's as close as funny is to Bob
Hope. You have this terrific life-changing power. You don't have to
study to learn it, to work to attain it. It's there now. It is
within you. What is it? It is the power to choose. You who feel
out of control like some marionette, some puppet being manipulated,
pulled in every direction by forces and fears, the strings that are
attached to you. You can pull your own strings. This idea faces
wide spread denial in our day. There is wide spread denial of that
power. Something has entered into our thought streams called
determinism. Determinism is a mishmash of Freudian psychology and
genetics. Freudian psychology has to do, of course, with
environment, with how we were raised, with what kind of environment
we grew up in, that we are sort of victims of our surroundings and
the way people treated us when we were young and there is a half
truth to that. Genetics says we were born this way. I am told the
voluptuous cartoon character in who killed Peter Rabbit said, "I'm
not a bad girl. They just drew me this way." A lot of people feel
like that. In essence it says that too many people are saying, "I'm
not responsible for what I do." There is a little musical ditt ...

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