by Frank Pollard

By Frank Pollard
Acts 19

In Acts 19 the apostle missionary enters Ephesus, the
Queen City of the province of Asia, known, admired by all
others. Ephesus was a combination of the power of Rome,
the splendor of Greek culture, the full tide of Oriental
superstition and magic. The Temple of Diana or Artemis was
one of the Seven Wonders of the World. But Paul saw
Ephesus through God's eyes. In reality this capital city,
these privileged people were possessors of riches without
wealth, activity without life, sensuality without
pleasure. This was a valley of active dry bones. He could
also see the power of God at work. Just as God said to
Ezekiel, "These bones can live," God said, "I have the
power to give life to Ephesus or any other capital city, be
it Washington, D. C. or Jackson, MS." In this one chapter
in holy writ we see how spiritual adventures came to
capital city. It begins with understanding what you don't
know can hurt you.
I told our choir Wednesday night about Juan Gonzalez,
a Mexican bandido who used to cross the Rio Grande River
and rob South Texas banks and retreat across the river to
the safety of his little Mexican village. One night a
Texas Ranger decided to take the law into his own hands.
He rode across the Rio Grande. He went to the little town
where Juan- Gon-zalez lived; to the cantina where he drank
every night. He slipped up behind him, pulled his
six-shooter, stuck it in Juan Gonzalez' ear and said, "Tell
me where the money is or I'll blow your brains out." They
realized immediately they had a problem. Juan Gonzalez did
not speak English. The Texas Ranger did not speak
Spanish. There was one bilingual person in the whole
village, a little ten year old boy. This little boy was
brought there and the Texas Ranger said, "You tell Juan
Gonzalez that if he doesn't tell me where the money is
hidden, I will pull the trigger." When the little boy
translated that, Juan Gonzalez began to ...

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