by Frank Pollard

By Frank Pollard
John 1:43-51

A new preacher came to town, stopped a man on the
sidewalk and said, "Friend, are you a Christian?" The man
said, "No, I'm a Jones. The Christians live about three
blocks down the street." He said, "No, you don't
understand. I mean, are you lost?" And he said, "No, I
know exactly where I am. I've been here all my life.!' And
he said, "You still don't get it. Are you ready for the
Judgment Day?" And the man said, "Well, when is it?" The
preacher said, "Well, it could be today or it could be
tomorrow." And he said, "Preacher, you find out for sure
and let me know because my wife will probably want to go
both days."
If someone were to ask you, "Are you lost?" What
would you say? Some might honestly say, "If you mean, do I
know which way to go, or if I get where I'm going, do I
know where I'm going to be?" or "Do I know the way to a
fulfilling life, life that has some kind of meaning and a
future?" "Do you mean, do I know how to move toward a
beginning and not an ending?" If that's what you mean,
yes, I'm lost."
Congratulations. Now that you know you are lost, you
can be found. That's the message of Christianity. Jesus
said, "I have come to seek and to save that which was
lost." His most favorite stories are about finding the
lost. A shepherd lost a sheep and he looked until he found
it. A woman lost a coin and she looked until she found
it. A father lost a son and when his son was found, he
said, "Let's have a party. Rejoice with me. My son was
lost and is found. He was dead but now he is alive." All
three of these stories in Luke 15 are followed by the
statement that when a lost person is found, it sets off a
celebration in Heaven.
Jesus didn't just make speeches and tell stories
about finding the lost. He did it. All through the
account of His life we see Him finding people and saying,
"Follow me." He said, "Follow me" a lot to a lot of people
but the first one He called ...

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