by Frank Pollard

By Frank Pollard
"Faith That Functions in a Crisis"
Acts 27

Acts 27 is a picture of how faith functions in a
crisis. It is not a lecture on the subject. No sermon is
preached. No songs are sung.
In a small town there were brothers, identical
twinxs. one was a doctor and- the other a preacher A man-
accosted one of them on the street one day and said, "Your
sermon yesterday was helpful to me." And he said, "No, I
am not the one who preaches. I am the one who practices."
Acts 27 has no preaching. It is all practice. It is
an adventure at sea. If you like adventure stories, you
should read the Book of Acts. The adventures are written
by Dr. Luke, the physician who kept Paul going and who also
wrote, inspired by God, of course, The Gospel of Luke.
Secular historians have acknowledged that God's writer did
a good job. Luke is respected as one of the most accurate
and authentic historians of his day.
Paul has faced a series of trials on serious but
trumped up charges of disturbing the peace and
insurrection. We seldom hear of charges of disturbing the
peace now days. No one can find any peace to disturb. Of
course, Paul used each trial as an opportunity to witness.
He has been brought before Kings Felix, Festus and
Agrippa. As Paul spoke of Christ, Felix trembled, Festus
squirmed and Agrippa almost became a Christian. Now He has
appealed to Caesar. Paul told the Christians in Rome he
was ready to preach the Gospel there also and now he is
coming there to preach but he is coming as a prisoner,
guarded by a centurion, and a contingent of Roman
soldiers. On the journey the centurion has commissioned a
ship out of Alexandria, headed for Italy. It is a large
ship. There are two hundred seventy-six people on board.
Because the wind was contrary, blowing against them, the
going was slow, dangerously slow because the storm season
was coming and they needed to get to safe-harbor for the
winter. It was perilously late, declared verse 9, when

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