by Frank Pollard

"Faith That Functions At a Walk"
Isaiah 40:28-31
By Frank Pollard

Read the 40th chapter of Isaiah every day for thirty
days and it will change you. It will infuse you with the
exciting truth of how the power of the living God can work
in you. Through this immortal chapter Isaiah has sung of
God's strength and how available it is for those who take
God seriously. The chapter comes to this climax; verse 28
declares, "God never tires physically. He never errs,
mentally." Verse 29: "He is the ready source of strength
and power." Verse 30: "Life wears anyone down, even the
young." Verse 31: "But those who wait, who hope in the
Lord will renew their strength. They will fly like eagles,
they will run like Olympians unwearied and they will walk
without fainting." Who among us would have written it like
Now, I know this is God's Word and it is written
right, but really aren't we tempted to say, "Isaiah, you
need to talk to John Grisham or Willie Morris or Eudora
Welty to learn how to write." In the climatic part of one
of the Bible's most thrilling chapters, you slow everything
down to a walk. You should have said we- can walk, wQ can
run, we can fly but instead you said that knowing the
powerful Creator, the Lord God Almighty, results ultimately
in being able to plod along at a walk without fainting.
That doesn't sound like an exciting, ultimate result of
faith. Talk to us of flights and sprints of life for which
our God can empower us.
Well, of course, this scripture tells us He does that
and many of us know it, but there is a truth we must know
and activate or we will lose life. over the exit door of
most athletic locker rooms there is a slogan intended to
motivate the players headed for the court or the field.
You know, "whatever it takes..." or something like that.
Sometimes there is a tradition of the players reaching up
and touching that sign on their way out the door. our high
school had half a sign. I have no idea what h ...

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