by Frank Pollard

By Frank Pollard
Taking Care of Business
Luke 19:11-27

Since the Fifty-first verse of Luke's Chapter 9, our Lord has
been on His way to Jerusalem. It is a path to injustice, painful
beating, soul agony, death, resurrection, and Heaven. He had
identified with sinful people. The truth for all of us is that Heaven
is on the other side of the cross.
The crowd following Him had just witnessed an amazing thing.
Jesus had seen a short little man up a tree. He called Zacchaeus by
name. Those who did not know, learned very soon that Zacchaeus was
very rich and very hated because he was a Jewish tax collector for
the Roman government. After a time with Jesus, this man, Zacchaeus,
made a public proclamation. He announced he was giving away half his
wealth and making four-fold restitution to anyone he had cheated. In
verse 9 Jesus said, "He is acting like this because he has been
saved. He has learned who he is." "Now hear this," said our Lord,
"This is why I came to earth. I came to seek and to save that which
was lost" (verse 10).
The crowd did not think that was why he had come. They had to
be corrected because they were on a collision course with deep
disappointment. Ever since they had learned he was on his way to
Jerusalem, the crowd had become more and more excited. Now Jerusalem
was just a few miles away (up hill miles in more ways than one but
just a few miles). Jerusalem was what they had been waiting for.
"... he was nearing Jerusalem and they supposed the Kingdom of God
was going to appear immediately" (verse 11). His disciples were
saying to themselves, "The time has come. We have followed Him all
these months. We have heard teaching that could come nowhere but
from the heart of God. He has healed the incurable. He has cast out
demons. We have seen the spell of sin broken. We have seen the look
in the grateful eye of those to whom He has given new life. He has
even gone into the realm of death to bring people back. Now it is
comi ...

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