by Frank Pollard

By Frank Pollard
LUKE 16:1-13

I had traveled all the way to New York City to talk to him about
preaching. Sitting in his living room, I was thrilled to be visiting
with one of the most effective media ministers of all time. When
television was young, he appeared on prime time Sunday evenings
teaching the Bible. He was fully sponsored by Admiral Corporation.
His broadcasts appeared opposite Frank Sinatra and Milton Berle, the
biggest stars of his day. His audience was 15 - 20 million viewers.
In 1952 the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences named Fulton
Sheen the most outstanding personality on television. When accepting
the award he said, "I want to thank my writers, Matthew, Mark, Luke
and John."
Now he was looking at me with those famous penetrating eyes and
saying: "You have come to New York City to talk to me about
preaching?" I cannot talk to you about preaching. I do not know
what to say. Preaching is a gift. It is like being a beautiful
woman. She is not responsible for having her beauty, but she is very
responsible for what she does with it."
All we have are gifts from God. Our time, our talents, our
resources are all gifts from God. Like beauty and brilliance, we are
not responsible for having them but we are very responsible for what
we do with them. Our salvation, our lives are gifts of God's grace.
The Bible teaches that Christians can manage these gifts in a manner
resulting in our attaining unlimited, unfading, guaranteed riches.
This is the theme of one of our Lord's most puzzling parables. Our
Lord told His disciples (it is not a story for people who are not
Christians) about a rich man who had a slave acting as steward like
Joseph in Potiphar's house in the Genesis story. The steward was
responsible for managing his master's vast holdings. Someone
suggested to the rich man that his steward was mishandling the money,
squandering it, spending the money indiscriminately. The steward was

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