by Frank Pollard

By Frank Pollard
Which Life After Death?
Luke 16:19-31

An old tale describes a man who habitually read the
obituaries the first thing each morning. If his name was not
listed, he dressed and went to work. one morning he read the
obituaries and discovered his name was written there. Of
course he was shaken, but he decided to go to work anyway.
Once at work, he called a friend and asked: "Did you read my
name in the obituaries this morning?" "Yes," said his
friend, "where are you calling from?"
The question is" "If you should die before you wake,
where will your soul the Lord take?" Further, Let you and me
draw an even tighter boundary around this subject. Let us
not talk about someday when the Lord returns to judge the
world. Even though that event could take place before this
discussion goes another line, let us assume you, or I, cease
breathing. What happens to us, right then? Is there any word
from God for those who go to their graves before the return
of Christ and the resurrection?
The answer, of course, is "Yes." The New Testament
teaches that at death the body returns to earth and the
spirit enters into a state of alive existence, consisting of
either blessedness or suffering. The Word also affirms that
at the return of Christ all bodies will be resurrected and
transformed. There are several places in the Bible where
small windows are opened and we are allowed to see some light
showing us what to expect immediately at death.
You already know that, while we tend to divide people
into many categories, God's Word has only two major groups.
They are described in various terms: saved and lost; alive in
Christ and dead in sins: children of light and children of
There is one scripture in which both groups are included
and their destiny at death is described in detail. It is
found in Luke 16:19-31. No conjured tale is this. Our Lord
does not describe this episode as a parable. It may have
happened. It probably did. He ...

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