by Frank Pollard

By Frank Pollard
Pictures of the Kingdom
Luke 14:17-24

Our Lord presented a variety of word pictures in
describing the Kingdom of God. Quite often His parables are
prefaced with the phrase "the Kingdom of God is like..." He
said it is like a seed, like children playing in the
marketplace. The Kingdom of God is like a master of a large
estate who went away leaving all his holdings in the care of
his servants. Then suddenly, unexpectedly he came back and
asked for an accounting. "Mostly", he said, "the Kingdom of
God is like a party." Usually the party is a banquet. This
is understandable because many who heard him speak never had
all they wanted to eat. What better picture of eternal joy
to them could be given than a banquet.
Come to the Party
Luke 14:17
Christ's invitation is extended to everyone. The word
is sent out "Come, for everything is now ready". His
invitation is clear and compelling.
"Come" is the word for everyone. Not "do this and then
you can come" not "clean up your aot andt then you can- come-"-
We are extended a "just as you are" invitation. "Come".
"Everything Lis ready" states the invitation. This iS no
potluck supper. You and I are not required to bring anything
but ourselves to the Lord's Kingdom feast. Indeed, we have
nothing to bring but ourselves. We cannot achieve the
Kingdom, we cannot build it. The Kingdom is complete. The
only thing missing is the absent invitee.
His invitation contains a note of urgency. "Everything
is now ready". "Come now" is his urgent call. His call is
consistently in the urgent present tense.
What a dealt Who can refuse an offer like this?
Eternal life freely, lovingly given is put before us for the
taking. So they all accept it, right? Wrongl
Luke 14:18-20
"But they all alike begin to make excuses" (Luke
14:18). Samples of the excuses are given. Business was
engrossing. Land had to be inspected. Newly purchased oxen
must be tested. One had just started a family and ...

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