by Frank Pollard

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Broadcast on THE BAPTIST HOUR, December 10, 1992, by Dr. Fraak Pollard of Jackson, Mississippi
That's What the War is About
Ephesians 6:10
urZ \ BH 50-92 TV
Back when the secular literary specialists were including the Word of God will you know when the waris over? What's going to happen when you're victor
inliterature,theynarnedthebookofEphesiansasoneofthebestwntingsofailage& in this war?- 'at'sthe objective?-Do you know what happens when you win a
Thosfo us who know zrist consider this not just as good literature, but as the battle? Do you know what happens when the war is won? Do you understand the
Word of God. war? That's very important It's very important because there's a lot of
If there is a thing that those of us who are committed to the Lord Jesus Christ misinformation going around about the spiritual war now. It there really is. 1 rc
must do, it is to be on guard against the infiltration ofthechurch. For there's a great aresomefine,weil-writtenfictionalbooksthathavesomegood truths in them. Xhey
danger that the church of ourLoord Jesus C) aist shall be more effected by the world talk about the spiritual battle. But I fear that to those who try to get their truth from
than it effects the world And this infilntation can mean then that we cease being fiction and not from a non-fiction work that's available to tell you what the Word's
the church of the Lord Christ and literally become the church of our culture or the really abouL They may begin to see this world as nothing more thanjust the arena
churchof the world. The world needs so very much forus to be different from that in which the battle is fought It's an arena where the good God with a capital "Gi"'
and yet there is the great danger that through the years there gathers people on and Hisangels are battling the evil god with aittle "g" and hi ...

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