by Frank Pollard

Jesus Wants You Happy
Dr. Frank Pollard
Matthew 4, 5, 6

BH47-92 TVDo you know anyone who wants you really to be happy? Do you know one thing and you live another thing. If you're not one whole person, you
anyone who would die to make you happy? That person is Jesus Christ. cannot-be happy. SoClaristissaying, "I-norderto-be tlrihappy people that
He wants you to be happy, He wants you to have the good life. I made you to he, I give you this Sermon on the Mount to talk to you aboat
It is Satan's most successful lie that Christ is some cosmic killjoy who your lifestyle, your relationship to everything else in the world, I want to
wants to take life away from you. He is not. He wants to give you life, not help you be that one person, not a divided person, not a schizophrenic
take it. He wants you to be happy. spiritual person, but to be the one person you were made to he. you w ill
In the Sermon on the Mount we find some interesting things as this neverbehappy until youractions match the dee convictions of yoir heart.
sermon begins. You remember, it's in Matthew 5,6, and 7. And in the very Until what you do matches who you are. So He talked to the Christians
first verses of Matthew 5, the Word says, "Jesussawvthe-crotvj ofpueople aboutlifestyle,abouthowwe live, aboutourstyle ofoperatngin this w orld,
and then He called His people toghetherand began to say to tlem, blessed how to handle being dust and deity, About being made of the earth - and
are you... " giving us the Beatitudes. And the word 'blessed' literally we're a part of the earth, a part of this world. And yet, our heartbeat here
means happy, spiritually prosperous, to be congratulated, joyous. The isanechoofthatheart beating there. What is highestaamong the starsisalso
word means happy. in us. Jesus Chfis-tisn us. We-'re dust-aildwe're deity. Hoiw do we put that
Do you remember when Robert Schull ...

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