by Frank Pollard

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BROADCAST on THE BAPTIST HOUR, September 6, 1992 by Dr. Frank Pollard of Jackson, Mississippi
His Love-No End
At7'iy Text: Luke 16:19
Mur ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ BH 36-92TFV
He rose at his usual time of 6:30 A.M., in house robe and slip- like. If you see me, you've seen the Father. My thoughts are the thoughts
pers, went down to get his first cup of coffee and sat on the patio to of the Father, My deeds are the deeds of the Father, My words are the
look at the luxurious landscaping that complimented his gracious home. words of the Father. His words are the words of the Father? His truth
After breakfast and a glance at the Wallstreet Journal, he got in his is the truth of the Lord God Almighty? And He told this story of fire
leather upholstered, luxurious car and drove to his reserved parking and agony and hell!
place just ten steps from the private entrance to his very nice office. Do you realize that most of what we learn about hell we learn direct-
The polished hardwood floors, oriental carpet, supple, yet bright col- ly from the mouth of Jesus Christ? As you look through the Wo)rd of
ors were accented in drapery and wall covering and the richly appointed God, most of the teachings came directly from Jesus as He was here.
upholstery in the furnishings. On three walls were thousands of dollars The others are mostly filled in by His revealing to John in the Revela-
worth of art. On one wall were plaques, one honoring him for having tion directly, once again from our Lord!
been president of the Rotary Club, plaques for having been chairman Let me go with you through Matthew and just read some of these
of many, many things, framed letters from two presidents thanking him things. This is so hard for me! I've never before ask people to pray
for efforts and contributions on their ...

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