by Frank Pollard

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Broadcast on THE BAPTIST HOUR, October 13, 1992, by Dr. Frank Pollard of Jackson, Mississippi
Debtor, Not Ashamed, Ready!
Romans 1:14
What do you do when the zeal for life flags? What do you do when life loses was what a nonial Christian'shearthat should be. Three simple .teiI-~ I idI.
itspurpose, its thrill, theoverridingconviction thatthsis aday worth getting up who he was and what he was about, Simply, "I am under obligatihn. I ai not
to and doing the thing for which I was made? What do you do when life gets that ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and I am eager to share the (;, I< sp ith
dull. kind of sad gloss on it and the scuin of the world collects and life loses its you."
brightness? How do you regain the zeal'? We may lose that zeal by the jolts of liesaid, "I'munderobligation." Have you noted the pcoplc vii are reaml
life as they come. I know that within this room there are people that have great in this world are never those people who say the world c.xisI, tI-,i mi milln
expenenced every kind of hurt that the world has to offer. Those hurts can take the world is an island, and I'm the island surrounded by me. ,tsjust u htdi
awayfromusourzealandoureY" asfollowersofGod. Sometimes people forme and what I want. Those self-centered people are never great k iple I)n
discourage us when we get a little older. I've got a birthday card which says, you think of them when you look at the test oftime, when you look back Over I
'Confound your enemies and amaze your friends, blow out all of the candles." generation or two, and ask who really was great.? Every time without fdil, it lIJs
Well, sometimes thatjust takes thezeal away from it and thebrightness away from been that person who said, "l am obligated. I have been blessed with. is icthu] 3
it, but-what do you do? is there some portion ofholy-writ-twhich you-go-whenr so-i-mustgivethatblessing. i-have-been-soforgiven ofGod,so I r'i in

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