by Frank Pollard

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Broadcast on THE BAPTIST HOUR by Dr. Frank Pollard of Jackson, Mississippi
Mr. Encourager
Text: Acts
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It was an inner-city mission, a place where street people You read about him first in Acts 4:36, where the Bible tells us that
couldgowhenthedeceptivedrugofalcohol haddoneitsfullawork. his name was Joseph, and he was a Levite from Cyprnis A lot of
This mission was there to help those people and to love them in the priests came from the tribe of Levi. You had to be a descendaiit of
name of Jesus. Joe was one ofthose people whom society would call Levi tobe a priest. but apparently Joseph wN asn't He see nd to hia c
-'derelict." Joe had, at one time, a very respectable job and a good been a pretty good businessman. HIe owned propertn Ii sold 'Ihat
income, a nice family, and the respect of his community, but the property,atleastsomeofit,w-eknow. TheBiblesaysliesoldapiece
deceptive dnig of alcohol had done its work, and now he was what of land and gave eve-r cent to the church to help the pco,')lc thait he
you might call the finished product of the brewer's art. He wias lovcdandencoiiraged. Andthat'sthefirstthingN',eheat ibout tia
completely caught up in addiction to alcohol. Because he lost Hedidleadthechurchbecause they needed some lead'rslip ait one
everything, hespentalotoftimeonthestreetclosetothatmission time, but he was always doing things that put hii'-tsclf 1!1 the
because they cared. And one day, the love of God found him, and background. Yet, I think, he made more difference the tfirst
he was c Xanged- Joe was sa-ved completely. He not only -on-rcane c eniurv than airs oneottheT than the Lord Jesus Christ
that addiction, but he also seas able to love. He stayed at that TiIE STORY OF SAUL AND BARNABAS
mission, and worked at whateverjob he could, mostly at loving thC
people who werc like he had once been. He did many things tha ...

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