by Frank Pollard

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Broadcast on THE BAPTIST HOUR by Dr. Frank Pollard of Jackson, Mississippi
The Cross: Condemnation,
AsRevelation & Salvation
Text: Matthew 27
BHl5-93TV (041593)
Almost 2,000 years ago, outside one of those massive gates drive those spikes through his hands and his feet. Just common
in the wall of Jerusalem, there was a hill that looked like a skull in construction nails, they were. Those long nails could have been
thedistance,andthat'showtheynamedit. ItwasaplacethatRome used to build a home or a ship or a bridge. But instead, the) " ere
chose for crucifixions because it was located next to the city dump, used to hammer the Son of God to that hideous log. Hate took those
and bodies that weren't claimed were thrown into the dump after nails and said, "These are my nails, and with them, I will kill you."
crucifixion. But Love received the nails and said, "No, they're mine, and s~ ith
them, I will save you."
Itisareligiousfestivetime.Peoplearegatheredfromallover Andas four soldiers, who had done it so many times before,
the world--crowded, tents pitched everywhere, people standing pushed the cross up to stand on its end, they had to lifi it and scoot
everywhere. But can we imagine being there at that point in it a little bit. It was wiggling back and forth. And then %kith a
history? And we begin to realize that there is a sound we hear, sickening jolt, it dropped into the hole that had received many a
quietly at first, and then becoming increasingly louder, that didn't cross before, and they put wedges in there so it would stay up. That
sound like the happy sounds of a religious festival, but rather the jolt tore flesh. And there he hangs, the Son of God u ho never
noisy sounds of a mob. And as this small group begins to come sinned, becoming sin for you and me--becoming what wec are so
toward us, we see the people making way in fear and some respect deeply that even his Father had to turn his back on him ...

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